Ah there’s nothing like random special days to pumpkin spice up your October calendar.  Today is National Child Health Day, National Golf Lover’s Day, National Cinnamon Roll Day, National Taco Day and National Vodka Day.  Unfortunately, I’ve been banned for life from playing golf since a High School PE Golf Unit, um, INCIDENT.  And while I love at least 1 of the three food and beverage options being honored today, there’s one other holiday I’d love to focus on.

It’s National Animal Day y’all!

Animals in general and pets in particular can play such an important role in keeping us physically and emotionally healthy.  They can listen like no one else can.  They can help us manage stress.  They can make us laugh.  And they show us unconditional love.

They are also wonderful role models when it comes to body love.   Dogs generally don’t obsess over the size of their butts.  And cats are not usually worried about their hairdos.  Animals can teach us to enjoy the moment without shame and without judgement.

Animals teach us to just BE.

So with that in mind, I’d love to encourage you to take a little time to watch the squirrels in the park or feed the ducks or give your pets at home a little extra squeeze.  And say a little extra thank you for all we can learn from them day by day.