Back when I was on the diet, binge, repeat cycle, Mondays were special days. This was the day
when everything reset. I got my new calories, poins, food servings or what have you to spend
for the week. And I had a promise that this week, for once, I would be GOOD. No, I would be
better than good, I would be PERFECT. That’s what I call Monday-itis.

I get it. We want to start the week off right, so the rest of the week will go really great. But, I’d
like to, ever so gently, suggest that the worst thing we can do to have a great week is to set it
up with unrealistic or unreasonable expectations. Because when we ask for perfection, we’re
likely to give up before Monday is even over. (Man, a piece of candy. I blew it. Oh well, another
week down the tubes.)

So, how about starting off your Monday with a little gentleness and a little grace? Accept from
the get go that there IS NO PERFECT. There’s only you, doing your best and getting on with it.
How about we resolve to take whatever self-care steps are necessary to not only help our
bodies be healthy, but also, our minds and souls?

How about we resolve kindness, first for ourselves and then for others?
That just might make Monday a day to look forward to rather than dread.