Recently I went to a social gathering (a real one with drinks and stuff, not a virtual one) and I spoke with an editor friend of mine.  He was complaining of back pain after long editing sessions.  I looked at him knowingly and said, “Oh yes.  I understand.  You have Glued Butt Disease.” 

Naturally he looked at me funny and asked if I was okay to drive myself home.  But after I assured him that I had only had one glass of wine, I defined “Glued Butt Disease”.  “This malady,” I explained, “comes as a result of spending a whole day or sometimes even a day and a night with your butt glued to the chair.  It’s common among editors, writers and eleven year old WOW players.”

I assured him that I have often suffered from this malady and have experienced serious back and neck pain as a result.  I also assured him that there is a cure.

“Well the cure is to just get up, about once an hour and walk around a little bit.” I said.  “But the trick is to remember to do it.  I set the timer I use when I bake cookies.  I have been conditioned over the years to perform a full, salivating, pavlovian leap every time that beeper goes off.  Definitely gets me out of the chair.  I set the timer again for five minutes and I walk around, stretch or get down and boogie until the timer goes off again.  Of course every time I get up, I’m hungry for cookies, but that’s a different problem all together.”

Do you have Glued Butt Disease?  Then my friend, peel your behind up off your aeron chair and walk around a little.  Take in the sunshine.  Watch the snow fall.  As I’ve been saying, all endeavors begin with a few small steps.  So even if it’s just to stretch, walk around your office,  or boogie until your coworkers start flipping through the mental health section of the company medical plan, just get up and get going!

The Fat Chick

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