It’s amazing how many people have the idea that fat chicks don’t have sex.  Some believe, we’re so far from the female ideal fed to us by the media and entertainment industries, that nobody wants to have sex with us.  They believe we sit home every night, eat ice cream and watch Oprah reruns on Tivo.  But my dear little chicklettes, this simply is not the case.  In fact a recent study indicates that fat chicks have sex MORE often than skinny chicks.  You can read about the study HERE.  Ya know, one really interesting thing I discovered, as I researched this study is how the media spun it.  It was actually very difficult to find a link to this study that wasn’t coupled with somebody’s opinion.  A lot of these opinions were fairly insulting to fat chicks.  Some said that fat chicks had more sex because they have poor impulse control and couldn’t say no.  Others said that fat chicks feel bad about themselves and needed sex to feel better.  Others simply said that the fat chicks lied about how much sex they were having.  None of these opinions about sex and fat chicks had any basis in scientific research–they were pure conjecture.  But it is amazing what lengths the media and entertainment industries will go to in order to further the “thin is sexy” concept.  Even in light of the study I referenced in my previous blog post which showed that many, many men prefer bigger chicks, many in the media assume and report that fat chicks are sluts or the study is wrong.

Puhleese!  We know that fat chicks are having sex because they are powerful, beautiful and sexy.  They are sexberries–round, ripe and luscious.  So if you’ve got a little extra junk in the trunk, or a few well-placed rolls, so what?  You’re gorgeous and you can get some sweet, sweet lovin if you choose to!  Don’t let anybody ever tell you different.

The Fat Chick

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