Me signing a copy of my book The Fat Chick Works Out!

In honor of Book Lover’s Day, I thought I would share some of my absolute favorite body positive/size acceptance books of the past two decades.  All of these selections are thumbs WAY UP!

The one that started it all:

I originally went to the library looking for a magic diet book.  One that would make me magically model thin forever.  Instead, I found this book which helped me re-think the diet industry forever.  A great read that really opened my eyes about the fraudulent practices rampant in the weight loss industry.

A super fun and super powerful read:

Once I started to get involved in the size acceptance/body positive movements, I met Marilyn Wann with a zine and an absolutely fabulous book that I recommend to everybody.  Eye opening and so very much fun—just like Marilyn herself.

A Seminal Work:

My friend Ragen Chastain wrote this amazing book of Fat Acceptance and self love that is must reading for anyone struggling with their own feelings about their body or the rest of the world’s feelings about their body.  You might also enjoy Ragen’s Blog: or our Facebook Group: Fit Fatties.

And if you’d like to find out more about some of the books my friends (including Ragen) and I have written together, you can check out this link. Talk to you Friday!

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