Cookies!As you can see, my awesome husband and I went down and used the church kitchen and made a few cookies yesterday.  And by a few, I mean about 60 dozen.  Every year, we make cookies to give away as Christmas gifts.  It’s a holiday tradition.  Another holiday tradition is to start out having a really great time making cookies and end up really annoyed at one another.  Best I can figure, the main problem is that we end up getting tired and cranky.  And despite my best efforts to end our baking session sooner this year, and to be the one to say “enough is enough.”  I still didn’t say “enough is enough” quite soon enough.  Hence we had some very cranky Christmas elves in the holiday baking tree.

We can look at our kids and figure out that they just need to go down for a nap.  We understand that no appeal to logic or pleading for better behavior will work.  That kid just needs to go night-night for half an hour or it’s GAME OVER.  Why is it that we can’t figure this out for ourselves?  I know my hubby and I get cranky when we are both hungry.  That’s why we instituted the sandwich rule.  But we haven’t figured out a “nap” rule or a “time out” rule for ourselves.  I have some friends that have asked me point  blank to please be the adult in their lives to tell them, as it says in the book, to go the f#@k to sleep!  I haven’t agreed to do that yet, because I can’t even figure it out for my ownself.

I want nap time back, like in kindergarten.  I want to eat a cookie and drink a chocolate milk and then lie on a mat in a darkened room and have 30 minutes of quiet time while my teacher contemplates her impending nervous breakdown or next career move (to an easier job like CIA agent).  I want to lie there in a quiet room and just listen to myself breathe.  Can we have nap time again?

I know I can actually do this myself.  I know that I can sit quietly in a chair and meditate.  I know that I can take a few minutes to do a progressive relaxation.  But honestly, who the heck remembers to do that?  Not me!  What about you readers out there–do you have any advice?  Or can you meet me every day about 2:00 PM with a carton of chocolate milk, a cookie and a blankie and tell me to lie down on my mat for an hour?  Please?  Thanks!


The Fat Chick

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  • The only thing I miss about my last call-center job? The huge disused lounge with couches and armchairs. It’s so nice to be able to stretch out in a semiquiet space and relax a little. I wish office buildings had Quiet Lounges built into their floorplans. Comfy furniture, indirect lighting, and no loud conversation.

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