Any kind of movement that feels good to you is good movement. But anybody who knows me,
knows I especially love dance. And as it turns out, dance is uniquely suited to offer certain kinds
of life and health benefits like:

  1. Studies show, it helps relieve stress and lift your mood.
  2. It can help relieve social anxiety.
  3. Improves heart and lungs.
  4. Makes you more coordinated, flexible, agile and less likely to fall.
  5. Improves balance and spatial awareness.
  6. Builds confidence.
  7. Improves social skills.
  8. Builds a stronger brain.
  9. Builds strength and endurance.
  10. Helps build strong bones.

These are just the top ten things right off the top of my head. There are SO MANY benefits to
dance. And if dancing isn’t your jam, that’s cool. Moving joyfully is the main thing. But if you’re
not sure which joyful form of movement to try next, I suggest you get out your groove thing
and boogie down!