The thing about despair (major or minor) is that it causes us to obsessively look inward.  The thing about grace is it’s unexpected and undeserved.  It literally comes from nowhere.  So if you’re sunk into a funk or feeling despair, you just might miss it when saving grace literally drops from heaven into your lap,

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been dealing with some microdramas this week.  And I mentioned how a critical U-turn on any given element in your life, can turn everything around.  So I took a little U-turn this week.  And the results have been great.

But beyond the U-turn, I’ve really sought to keep my eyes and my ears and my heart open to detect even the slightest wisp of grace floating my way.  This is especially hard when we feel that life has kicked us in the teeth or that people let us down.  Because remaining open means that we are opening ourselves up for even more potential disappointment.  And it feels completely counter intuitive.  Why would I ever believe this joy will come to me.  The world will just let me down again.

But being open also means you may get a helping hand that lifts you up in a way you never expected.  So I cautiously, gently remained open to grace this week.  And I was not disappointed.

Friends I haven’t heard from in years popped up out of the blue and cheered me in a way I didn’t think possible.  A former client called with a gig.  A current client and I reached consensus on a difficult creative challenge we’ve been wrestling with.

So however battered you may feel–however hurt–see if you can keep one eye and one ear carefully tuned towards grace.

And all the light and help you didn’t even know you needed may gently fall on you.

The Fat Chick

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