Jeanette Lip Syncs to a fabulous song.
Makeup and care–free.

Posted by Jeanette DePatie on Sunday, July 28, 2019

The above clip is from a Facebook Lip Sync recording I recently did with Bobby Mcferrin’s Don’t Worry, Be Happy! I was just messing around and testing out some live streaming features. I’m not wearing makeup. The camera angle is crummy. Initially, I set this to “only I can see this” because this is not what you’d want to call camera ready. Then I thought, “To heck with it, my friends love me anyways.” so I set it to friends only. Then I thought, I really don’t care what anybody thinks about it so I set it to public.

Ultimately the words of the song sank in. Through the consistent trolling, through the nasty threats I get on my social media, through ALL of it, I just need to not worry and be happy.

After all, for every few trolls, I get a real live wonderful person sharing their joy or frustrations with me. For every nasty threat I hear online I get to share at least one genuine belly-laugh with somebody who is important to me. Wearing the right shade of lip gloss won’t make the haters go away. And it won’t make the people who really matter love me more or less. So makeup free and carefree I’m singing, “Don’t Worry. Be Happy!”