So this week, we’re going to talk about the second part of the Big Fat Cycle, the Fantasy part.

Okay, so if the Fat Chick Fairy came and visited you in the night, and waved her magic wand and granted your wish and poof you were as thin as you always wanted to be, what would happen?  We’ve all dreamed it, right?

Shopping for dresses sized in the single digits.  Giggling merrily from the dressing room as we call out to the shopkeeper, “can you bring me a smaller size?  Oh, you’re such a dear!”  Sliding into skinny jeans without any special assistance (you know, Crisco, laying on the bed, industrial strength girdles).  Oh the wonder of it all.

But after the buying clothes fantasy, what then?  Will handsome oil-baron princes sweep us off to their yachts where we can be photographed by paparazzi?  Will Victoria’s Secret supermodels call us and ask us to lunch?  Will we be discovered by Hollywood talent scouts and be cast in a movie by fall and receiving our first Oscar(TM) by spring?

Most of us have this sort of fantasy from time to time.  And it’s no wonder.  Dieting sucks.  It’s hard, it’s uncomfortable and it rarely works.  It takes a gargantuan type fantasy to keep that kind of effort in motion.

But I’m going to invite you for today, to really dig in the dark corners of your fantasy about being thin.  What does it entail?  Are Brad Pitt and Angela Jolie there?  Take a moment and jot down a few elements of your nonfat fantasy.  Don’t worry about how crazy or outlandish it seems for now, just write it down.  Part of how we’ll hop OFF the big fat cycle, it helps to understand your Nonfat Fantasy as completely as possible.  So fantasize away.

Sweet Dreams!

The Fat Chick

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