So we talked about all the fantasies we’ve had about how much fun we’d have if we were thin.   You know, if the Fat Chick Fairy came and magically changed you to your “goal weight”.  Are you still waiting for that magic day to appear?  Are you waiting to interview for a new job, join the dating site online, buy new clothes and strut your stuff?

As I mentioned yesterday, if I waited to be thin to start living my life, I wouldn’t be going to a Hollywood Awards show in my hot new dress with my oh-so-handsome husband.  I’d just be in another holding pattern.  Which would pretty much suck.  And not be anywhere near as fun as the dress and the dude and the date.  Want to feel great right now?  Here’s what you do.  Start living your life as if you were already thin.

If you were at your “skinny” weight, what would you do?  Would you go dancing?  Would you learn to surf?  Would you buy a sleeveless dress?  Well what are you waiting for?  Go do that stuff!  Right now!  Pick something you always fantasized about doing when you were thin and just go do it!

When you do, something AMAZING will happen!  You’ll be living out your dreams every single day.  I can’t wait to see what that kind of change looks like on you.


The Fat Chick

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