I went shopping today, for a new dress.  But not just any new dress.  I was buying a cocktail dress for a formal Hollywood Awards Show I’m attending this weekend.  (The PGA Awards) Yes, I’m going to be hobnobbing with some of the Hollywood glitterati.  And I’m going to do it in a hot new dress that looks like the one pictured above.

As I was tooling around the mall today, and soliciting help from all of the sales associates I could find, I realized that this whole thing is pretty cool.  And I realized that releasing myself from the fantasy of a life as a skinny woman, allowed me to live some pretty fantastic moments in the real world.

After all, if I had decided to put everything on hold until after I lost weight, I might still be counting my carrot sticks and pedaling to nowhere on the stationary bike.  By living my life full and full-figured right now, I get to get duded up in some fancy new clothes and rub elbows with the richer and famouser. 

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty good choice.

So I’d recommend you stop waiting, and start living.  At the very least, the wardrobe is awesome! 

The Fat Chick

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