One of the primary lessons I’ve learned in getting and staying fit is that exercise sessions often don’t go as planned.  Your exercise buddy doesn’t show up, the class is canceled and on the day of your big group walk, it rains.  Sometimes it seems like the entire universe is conspiring against you in reaching your fitness goals.

In this situation, you have two choices.  You can say, awww the heck with it and go watch TV.  Or you can get out there and do it anyways.

This past Saturday was the final leg of our progressive Mara-thon at church where we raised money for the Mara district in Africa.  During the Mara-thon, we raised money to buy motorcycles and bicycles for the Mara missionaries–to help them cover their district which is 700 km from end to end.  This is roughly the distance between Los Angeles and Phoenix.  That’s a long darn way over some hot and dry terrain.  And I think it’s fairly safe to say, that their travel/exercise conditions are rarely optimal. 

So it was apropos, that this past weekend, for the final leg of our Mara-thon, we had some pretty tough weather.  It rained.  (and rained and RAINED!)  But I’m proud to say, that our little band got out our umbrellas and raincoats and just got on with it!  Yes it was tough.  Yes we got cold and wet.  But we didn’t suffer anything that a cup of hot coffee and a nice warm bath couldn’t cure.

Yes it was raining (cats and dogs) but we decided to feel the rain and do it anyways.  We were cold.  We were wet.  But above all, we were proud.

So my little chicklettes, here’s my wish for you.  We’re coming into the holidays–when there are built in excuses to avoid exercise around every single corner.  You may be tired.  You are undoubtedly busy.  But I’m asking you to put on your raincoat, grab your umbrella and exercise anyways.  Enjoy some well-earned pride along with your holiday pie.

The Fat Chick

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