The Fat Chick performing at a Taiko Drum Demonstration

This morning I was dreaming about drumming.  I know, it’s weird.  But I was pounding away on a little tom tom and feeling so very happy.  And I woke up feeling even happier, because I finally knew what I was going to blog about this morning.

I think I was dreaming of drumming because I felt such a strong need to get back to a rhythm in my life.  On my recent trip to New York, I had a red-eye on one end and an extremely late flight on the other.  And with the time change, and all the stress, my body never quite figured out when it was bed time and when it was time to get up.  Truthfully, since I’ve been back, I’ve struggled some as well.  Finally last night, after a late dinner, I announced, I’m going to bed!  I staggered off at my regular bedtime and dropped off to sleep.  So, yay!  I woke up this morning at my regular time feeling ready to face the world at last!

All this got me thinking about the rhythm of our lives.  Our bodies yearn to make us creatures of habit.  They want to go to bed at bedtime, wake up at about the same time every morning, eat at regular times and do virtually everything else at regular times.  There are times that our body likes to work, and rest, and have sex, and go out dancing.  There are daily rhythms, weekly rhythms and even annual seasonal rhythms.  As I musician, I understand that the rhythm of any opera will shift from time to time.  There will be fast patter songs, more lyrical love songs and slower and sadder laments.  Not every song will have the same beat.  But most of the measures within the song have the same beat.  Because if you change the rhythm with every measure or every note, you don’t have a song, you have chaos.

Sure my body can function with erratic timing, but it sure does seem to make things more difficult.  So I am going to try to get my “inner conductor” back to work at getting my body back on a reasonable schedule.  How about you my little Chicklettes?  Would you benefit from a regular breakfast time, bath time or bed time?  How about trying it out for a week and see how you feel?  Just have a little talk with your inner maestro,  “One, two–one, two, three, four…”


The Fat Chick

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