In the name of true confessions, I eat in my car more than I would like.  I am really struggling to schedule my life a little less tightly so that I am not so tempted to just grab something to eat on the way to somewhere.  Because from the standpoint of being way overscheduled and experiencing multitasking run amok, the drive-thru is awesome.  From the standpoint of health, happiness, joy, wellness and having the remotest chance of actually enjoying my food, not so much really.

Now, I don’t want to dis drive thru dining if that floats your boat.  If you’re a consenting a-dult, you get to make your own choices.  I just know that eating drive thru while negotiating 80 MPH LA traffic which is randomly punctuated with 2 MPH LA traffic (encompassing both fast food and slow food in the same journey) is not conducive to good digestion.  And since eating can be a super-awesome pleasurable thing, it’s sad to see it reduced to a situation where I can’t enjoy it or focus on it.  Drive thru dining does not always offer the healthiest food options.  And the recent McDonalds apple slice recall is making me reluctant to order anything that hasn’t been cooked until it is well and truly dead.

So my little chickadees.  If drive through dining rocks your world, by all means, go to it.  But if it’s simply a matter of needing to prioritize joyful eating in your life, then I’d like to invite you to get up a few minutes earlier, drive a few minutes further and take a few minutes longer so you can sit down at a table, tuck your napkin under your chin, and really savor the tastes that life has to offer.

The Fat Chick


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  • I’ve wondered about this. I do believe that it’s strictly up to their own choice, but that many people would do better health-wise moving from fast food and pre-packaged meals to more home cooking and fruits and veggies. How can this be encouraged without demonizing/sanctifying foods or pushing people toward guilt, stress, rebellion binging and possible orthorexia? It’s unfortunate to me that “diet” has strayed from the meaning of “what you eat” to “what you eat to make yourself smaller.” It also bothers me that food is now fraught with so much moral judgement.

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