There’s little question we’ve been on a roller coaster lately. From serious pandemic fatigue to the hope of vaccines to the reopening of the world to the Delta variant to not knowing what in the world to expect next, we’ve been through a lot. Here are a five fun fitness trends to help you get through it all:

  1. Exercising outside. If you’ve ever wanted to hike or swim in a river or just get back to nature, this is the time to do it. Outside has social distancing built right in. And feel free to think outside of the box. Maybe it’s time to try to stand up on a paddle board or kayak or open water swim. Try something new!

2. Virtual events. The great thing about virtual races is you can do them when you want, where you want and take as long as you want. Many races even allow you to accumulate your distance over several days. And you still get a shiny, shiny medal to show off. One of the hottest new trends is Everesting—the process of climbing the 8,848m elevation height of Mount Everest, presumably not all in one go!

3. Virtual workouts. Now’s a great time to get your dance on. Want to join me for a virtual workout? Send me a message below. I’d love to dance with you!

4. Virtual Reality workouts. If you haven’t gotten your hands on an Oculus Quest 2, now’s the time! There are so many fun workouts on there. From cycling to rowing to bashing bad guys with laser beams, seriously, what’s not to love?

5. Eye Yoga. You heard me right. You know how tired your face is from pretending to make eye contact and smile through fourteen-thousand Zoom calls? Eye yoga is the sport for you! Featuring small facial and eye movements to help you relax your face.