My husband often smiles as he steps in front of the mirror. Not because of his rad fashion sense or physical prowess. But because he’s reading all the notes I’ve left for myself on there. Mirrors are a great place to leave yourself a special message to boost your self-esteem. Which as we discussed Monday, helps build better mental health.

From Unnecessary Inventions, the “Not Today” mirror allows you to block out bits you don’t want to see…

Usually, I use sticky notes because I’m too lazy to scrub off mirror marker or lipstick. But you can use whatever tool strikes your fancy. You can write yourself a message like:

“You are enough.”

“The world is better because of you.”

“I deserve to have the things I want and need.”

“Take 3 deep breaths.” Or

“You rock.”

Go ahead and leave yourself a love note!

If you share your space with a lot of people, you can also use your very own hieroglyphics. Sometimes I put a sticky note with a picture of a heart to remind myself to repeat whatever mantra I’m working on that week. Or a picture of a cloud to remind me to take a few deep breaths. Or a picture of a rock because, well, you know!

Notes on your mirror can be a great tool for you. But did you know that it’s also a wonderful random act of kindness? I often keep a sticky note pad in my purse. Then when I’m trying on clothes in the dressing room, I’ll put up a note and leave it there for the next person to find. Or sometimes, I leave them at restaurant or theater bathroom mirrors.

Because here’s the thing. If you love yourself, and everybody else loves themselves, this world will be a whole lot easier to live in. What would you write on your mirror note? Let me know in the comments below.