So we’ve discussed all four elements of the Big Fat Cycle:
1. Panic (Omigod I’ve gotta do something).
2. Fantasy (I’m going to look like a GODDESS!  I’m going to win an OSCAR!)
3. Defeat (well I already had a french fry, might as well eat EVERYTHING–super sized)
4. Despair (I am so LAME!  I will NEVER be happy)

Man, I’ve been getting depressed just writing about this stupid cycle for the past four weeks.  What do you say?  Can we get off the ride now?

Whew!  That’s better.  Don’t worry, we’ll be talking about some specific things you can actually do to improve your health without making you go insane.  And hey, the sun came out today.

Things are looking up…

The Fat Chick

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