Hello and happy motivational Monday. I hope many of you are enjoying a wonderful day off from your labors. And if you’re working today, I hope work is the BEST!

Today I want to talk about feeling better about yourself. We all know that loving ourselves is good and feels good. But did you know that feeling better about yourself ALSO builds mental health? 

Studies indicate that those with high self-esteem not only experience greater life satisfaction, but also have lower incidence rates for depression and anxiety. So, feeling good about yourself is a key element of feeling good period.

Wondering how to get there? Never fear! Here are a few steps to help you feel better about yourself.

  1.  Realize you are human and humans are never perfect. In fact, perfectionism can lead to all sorts of health problems. So, give yourself a break—we all make mistakes.
  2. Love your body as it is right now. One way to do that is to choose not to compare. Don’t judge your body based on media-based, arbitrary beauty standards. Love your body for what it does for you and because it is part of you.
  3. Make yourself a “don’t do” list. Think of the things you really don’t like and no longer wish to do—then find a way to not do them. Maybe trade favors with a friend. (I’ll wash your car if you iron my shirts). Also, keep this list in mind when people ask you to do something. If you can say no, do so.
  4. Nourish yourself. There are many ways to do this. Eat something that tastes really good.  Eat something that feels really good in your body. Take a nap. Have a bubble bath. Read a book. Do something to feed your soul.
  5. Listen to yourself. Whether this is done through meditation or journaling or talking with a friend, listen to what your soul is telling you.
  6. Dance more! Dancing is a wonderful way to free up bad feelings about ourselves, to express ourselves and learn more about ourselves. Plus, BONUS, it’s fun!