Today’s short but sweet message is to remind you to eat!  Even if you’re a person like me who loves to eat, it’s easy to get busy and caught up with stuff and worrying about if you have time to eat or even if you should eat.  But my dear Chicklettes if you’re hungry then by all means pull up a chair, sit down and the table and munch away.  And if your life is crazy like mine, that might mean that you have to keep a little something in your purse like a package of trail mix or a granola bar or some nuts.  Because all too often, I’ll be in the middle of something, and I’ll slowly recognize that I’m not able to concentrate and simple tasks are becoming more difficult and then it gradually dawns on me: I’m famished!

Not eating when you’re hungry can cause problems other than loss of concentration.  It can also make you really cranky.  In fact my husband and I have instituted something called the “sandwich rule”.  Simply put, whenever we’re having a fight one of us calls a time out.  During said time out, we each eat half a sandwich.  If we still want to fight after the time out, we can.  But we’ve found that most of the time, we weren’t really mad.  We were just hungry!

So my little Chicklettes, if you’re feeling a little peckish, put a napkin in your collar, grab a knife and fork and tuck in.  Take the time.  Give yourself permission.  You’ll feel so much better and you might not feel so distracted…bacon!


The Fat Chick

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