Some days it’s enough just to be grateful…

Have you been following the “body positivity” movement? And like Grammy-winning plus-sized artist Lizzo, have you noticed how often it’s represented by “almost perfect” people seeming to flaunt their flaws while sharing how much they love their body?  Have you noticed how often these representatives are seeming to go about their day in full makeup, perfectly coiffed hair and dazzlingly coordinated fashion ensembles?

I get it.  I’ve often looked at those carefully posed photos and thought—if that’s body positivity, you’ll have to count me out.  I don’t have the time, the money, the photographer, or the wardrobe to look like that every day.

And if you have had that same thought.  I really don’t blame you.

Here’s the secret truth.  I don’t always love my body.  I don’t always love the way I look.  Some days I feel gorgeous.  Some days I feel like I just crawled out from under a rock.  And you know what?

It’s okay to not always love everything about your body.

I mean let’s be real here.  I don’t always love my writing.  I don’t always love everything I say.  I don’t always love how I treat my spouse.  I don’t always love my job.  So why should I think it’s reasonable to always love my body?

Some days I just aim for body neutrality—which seems a lot more reasonable.

What’s the difference?  Body neutrality means I’m choosing not to define my worth as a person by the way my body looks.  It means I like some things about my body more than other things.  And it means that I like my body some days more than others.

But every day, I choose to see myself as a worthy person.  And every day, I choose to be grateful for my body.  I’m grateful for my legs, even when they hurt.  I’m grateful for my belly and the way my body nourishes me.  I’m grateful for my eyes, my ears and my sassy mouth.

I’m grateful for all of it.

And you know, that is enough because I am enough.

What about you?  How do you feel about your body today?  And for what are you truly grateful?  

Drop some comments below.

Love, Jeanette