Hi everybody!  Today, I’m super excited to tell you about two new fluffy fitness folks that have just made my week!  First, Angela Meadows posted about this lovely lady on our Fit Fatties Forum.

Her name is Trinity Arsenault and at 14 years old, she has become the youngest woman ever to be named “Lady of the Lake” for swimming all the way across Lake Ontario.  Holy cow!  That is a long way.  Let me show you:

We are talking about a 52 Kilometer (over 30 mile) trek here guys!  Apparently the weather started off fine as she took off from Queen’s Royal Park, but bad weather (including 15 ft. waves!) towards the end of her swim caused her to change course several times and even backtrack for a bit.  All in all, she was in the water for about 23 hours.  And beyond the simple goal of finishing, Trinity was hoping to raise $10,000 for Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart program, which helps fund children’s sports.

Trinity is awesome!

And then, there’s this guy.  Dancing his heart out on a rooftop somewhere.  Check it out:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tg5i3oMVJ58?rel=0]

I actually don’t know who this guy is and have not been able to track down any info about this video.  All I know is that watching it makes me totally and unreasonably happy!  So not a lot to say today other than sharing these bits of fluffy joy with you and wishing you a very happy Thursday.

Love, Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick)

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