Many times, in the deep dark past, I let a number on a scale tell me each day whether or not I was sexy.  Goal weight?  Sexy.  10 pounds down?  Sexy!  Same as yesterday? Not sexy.  Up ten pounds? Never having sex again evar!  For so long, I stood on that little device and it would determine how I felt about my sex appeal for the day.  And it seemed to me that other people responded in kind.  When I was thinner, others seemed to find me sexy.  When I was heavier, not so much.  But in hindsight, I realize that was some fairly shoddy reasoning.  If I’ve learned anything at all in my years of research on diet, exercise, weight and health, I’ve learned that correlation is not the same thing as causation.  Just because two things happen at the same time, does not mean that one of those things caused the other.

With many years of experience (and expensive therapy) behind me, I’ve conceived of an alternate explanation for my thinner is sexier experience.  When I felt sexier, I was more confident.  I felt full of joy and power.  I swayed my hips.  I wore the tight dress.  I wore red lipstick.  I laughed more.  Is it any wonder that other people perceived me as more sexy? 

So it follows, doesn’t it, that if I felt sexier when I was thinner, then I needed to lose weight to feel sexy.  Doesn’t it?  DOESN’T IT?

Well, sort of.  I mean, that’s one way to go about it–a pretty stressful and unreliable way to go about it.  Since those bad old days, I’ve found another way.  Instead of letting a number on a scale determine whether I felt sexy, I just decided that I was sexy.  Whatever my weight, I felt full of joy and power.  I swayed my hips.  I wore the tight dress.  I wore the red lipstick.  I laughed more.  I knew I was sexy, and lo and behold, other people knew I was sexy too.

That’s why I love this Yay! Scale (invented by my friend, the amazing Marilyn Wann).  As you can see by the readout above, the scale has confirmed that I am indeed sexy.  My other wonderful friend Kelly Varner took these pictures of me on the Yay! Scale at one of Marilyn’s amazing lectures at UCLA.  You can get your very own totally awesome Yay! Scale HERE.

So whatever your scale says,  you decide you feel sexy.  When you feel sexy, you are sexy.  So my dear chicklettes, go out and shake your sexy tailfeathers.

The Fat Chick

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