frenchiemirror copyIt’s always amazing to me, just how hard it is for people to wrap their heads around size diversity.  They readily accept that some people are tall and some people are short.  They accept that some people are good at math and some people can sing.  They understand that we come with different eye colors and different hair colors and textures and have different shoe sizes.  But when it comes to clothing sizes, when it comes to body composition–there is one size to rule them all.  And that size is small.

Why, oh why is it so hard to accept that there will be diversity in body weight and shape as well as height and color?  Some dogs are greyhounds.

GreyhoundSome dogs are pit bulls.

pitbullGreyhounds are not better than pit bulls.  They aren’t healthier.  In fact, pit bills on average live longer than greyhounds do.

No matter how much a pit bull diets, it will not be a greyhound.  It will just be a very, very thin pit bull.  The very thin pit bull will not be morally superior to other pit bulls.  It will not be healthier than other pit bulls.  In fact, it will probably be pretty sickly compared to other pit bulls and unless it is fed enough food, it will die of malnutrition and starvation.

And frankly, the notion that extremely svelte pit bulls look better in designer clothes is just a myth:


Frankly, tiaras are for dogs of every breed:


The reality is that the world is a place of wondrous diversity.  We come in all sizes, shapes, colors and types.  And that diversity is awesome.  It makes life interesting.  It helps us survive as a species.

doggydiversitySo instead of disparaging people who look a little different, let’s celebrate our diversity!  Then we can all run and frolic and play nice together.


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