Jeanette on one of Marilyn Wann’s Yay Scales! She “Yays” Sexy!

It’s our brand-new Motivation Monday post and I’m so excited to be back in the saddle and writing for you again.  It’s also a special day during which we celebrate two holidays, National Ice Cream Sandwich Day and National Take a Penny, Leave a Penny Day.

Let’s start with the cold hard cash first.  Take a penny, leave a penny is an idea that has been around for some time.  On days when you have an extra penny or two and don’t feel like cluttering up the bottom of your purse or pocket, you might leave it in the “Take a penny/Leave a Penny” dish for someone else.

On days when you need an extra penny to complete a purchase or so you don’t have to break a $20 bill for a purchase that costs $20.01, you take a penny.

And so it is with motivation.  Some days we feel on top of the world.  We feel like we can do anything.  And on these days, why not “leave a penny” for someone who feels down or lonely or overwhelmed.  Maybe an extra smile.  Or a compliment.  Or just holding open a door.

And some days we feel sad, or lonely or unmotivated.  And on these days, it’s great to rely on those around us.  Let someone close to you know that you are having a “low penny” day and ask for a little encouragement.  There’s no shame in taking a penny from the dish.  That’s what it’s there for.

And ice cream sandwiches?  Well, if you dig up enough pennies from under the couch cushions and off the dresser, you just might find enough to trade the ice cream man for a yummy ice cream sandwich.  And who doesn’t feel happy eating one of those?

So celebrate “Take a Penny/Leave a Penny” day and “Ice Cream Sandwich” day with a nice compliment or gesture for someone else, and a little goodness from the ice cream man.