Well my commitment to blogging every day has frankly flagged somewhat.  But my commitment to my project, of sharing The Fat Chick has grown exponentially.  So how to classify?  Should we call this a success or a failure?  Well if you’ve been reading by blog AT ALL for the last couple of months, I think you know which way I’m going to go on this.  I’m calling it a success.  Because as important as it is to stick with your microgoals–those teeny tiny steps that draw you inexorably towards the life you wish to achieve, it’s equally important to be flexible and not lose sight of the big picture.

So on the big picture side, I’ve been posting diligently to my facebook pages and twitter feed.  And I just had a shoot for a promotional video for The Fat Chick Works Out!  So sometimes you have to put a few of the baby steps aside to take a few giant leaps.  I feel fairly certain that Neil Armstrong put aside sorting his laundry and filing his taxes while he was flying around in space.

So while the blog posting has been a bit sparse, stay tuned for some awesomely cool new stuff.  And don’t you sweat the small stuff either.  Okay?

The Fat Chick

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