Photo by Kelly Varner Photography

What do you think of when you hear “lemon juice”?  Do you think of the sourness?  The acidity? Or do you think of the POSSIBILITY? Today is National Lemon Juice Day.  And for today, I’d love for you to think of all the wonderful things lemon juice can become.  Of course there’s lemonade.  But for those who say when the world gives you lemons, make lemonade, I say HOW BORING!  How about lemon meringue pie?  Lemon gelato?  Lemoncello cocktails?

I did that recently with a minor heel pain problem.  It’s minor, but boy does it hurt.  But rather than let it slow me down, I started working more on my choreography for seated exercisers.  So it’s positive not just for me, but for all my students too!

So pucker up, buttercup!  For today, I’m encouraging you to think outside of the box.  How can you turn challenges, not only into opportunities for good, but also opportunities to create something AWESOME? Pick something you’ve been seeing as a challenge and figure out how to make something amazing out of it.  Then, take pictures and post them in the comments below or tag me.

Remember, post it or it never happened.

Love, Jeanette