Yup, I’m pretty sure I both want and need a reboot.  I’ve been running around like headless poultry for several weeks now and I’m looking forward to a night off.  Not that I don’t absolutely LOVE all the time I’ve spent over the last two months meeting new people, conducting exercise demonstrations, promoting the book, running trade show booths and traveling my butt off.  I DO love it.

But I’m looking forward to throwing the tent in the car with my sleeping bag and taking off for just one night.  My awesome husband (the awesomest husband in the world) even promised to do the packing.  So I’m taking a deep breath, giving my inner Virgo/Producer woman a holiday and releasing control over the camping prep.  (Deep, breaths.  Take DEEP breaths Jeanette.)  I’ll see y’all when I get back.  And I’ll  let y’all know how it goes.

The Fat Chick

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