My awesome husband surprised me with a sailing trip on our vacation!  This was a huge luxury and not the sort of thing that we normally do.  But we went to the city in LA where he proposed to me and he chartered a sailboat.  WHEEEEE!  I love sailing for many, many reasons.  It’s quiet.  It’s beautiful (and the weather was awesome).  It’s so much fun.

But you KNOW I can’t resist the desire to make SOME sort of allegory out if it, right?  I really can’t help it.  It’s like a disease with me, so here goes.  Sailing reminds us that life isn’t flat.  The waves go up, and the waves go down, but as long as the boat is moving forward, that’s all that matters.  In fitness and in life, you just gotta roll with it.

Keeping this short so I can get back to my awesome VACA.  Hope today is smooth sailing for you. 

The Fat Chick

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