Well, I’m happily nomming all those strawberries and I have to say they are delicious.  And after a little googling I found a study conducted by some scientist-type-guys that show that strawberries are actually good for your sex drive (check HERE).  So I’m downing strawberries (in the form of strawberry shortcake) in large doses.  This is an experiment, you see.  I’m just trying to confirm, on a scientific basis, if what the science geeks say is true.

Now there are those among you (you know who you are) who might suggest that eating a lot of strawberry shortcake might make me rounder AND less attractive to the opposite sex.  And I’ll say “HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, BUSTER!”  Who says guys don’t like round girls?  Some recent surveys on the subject have produced some extremely interesting results.  It seems when presented with pictures of tankini clad cuties, most dudes went for the size 12 or the size 14 girls.  Yup.  The trim, toned, size 8 got the lowest scores.  When it comes to hitting fashion magazines, we big girls might not win the day.  But apparently, when it comes being the one boys want to hit the sheets with, we big girls got it going on!  Read about it HERE.

So are you letting fat phobia stunt your sex life?  Are you on a crazy diet because you think men only like size 0 women?  Are you aware you are reading a blog when you could be EATING CHOCOLATE?  I’ve often said that healthy is as healthy does.  And you know what, sexy is as sexy does too.  It’s like magic: decide you are sexy and POOF you are!  Enjoy my Lieblings.

‘Scuse me, but I need to put a little more real whipped cream on my shortcake, I mean research.

The Fat Chick

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