As I have mentioned BEFORE, every month I try to tackle a new, very discrete, very tiny health habit.  I don’t diet or engage in a “whole new way of eating”.  I simply pick a small health habit and work on it.  This month’s habit is FISH.  We all know that fish is good for us.  But there is increasing evidence that fish can significantly reduce our risks for heart disease and other health problems.  (Check THIS out…).

And fish is yummy.  Sometimes.  For a long time I didn’t eat fish.  Truth be told, I hadn’t really learned to enjoy fish until I tasted truly fresh fish.  A lot of my life I had frozen, reconstituted or just plain old fish.  And with apologies to those who think me ageist, old fish is bad fish.

So first and foremost, I’ve had to learn to find sources for really fresh fish.  I’ve been finding great tilapia and sockeye salmon at my local Fresh and Easy store.  And for the very freshest AND cheapest fish, look no further than your local, high volume, Asian Grocery.  I go to 99 Ranch.

I’m starting to compile some more fish recipes and pictures that I will share with you soon.  (Like THIS one, I posted back in April.)  In the meantime, here are some super easy ways to get fish into your diet:

1.  Canned tuna.  It’s the perfect fast food.  Sprinkle it on salads, mix it with pasta, or even eat it straight out of the can.
2.  Fish tacos.  In a word, yum.  Go to your local, quality taqueria and order a few of these babies.  They are also usually very reasonably priced too!
3.  Canned salmon.  In addition to the yummy prep ideas listed above, you can make salmon cakes.  These are super yummy and freeze beautifully so you can make a bunch.  Recipes coming soon.

So for happy, healthy awesomeness I say, Go fish!

The Fat Chick

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