I have so many friends that have closets positively stuffed with “aspiration clothes”.  You know the ones that fit you once in a distant past?  Or the ones that never ever fit you but just might some day.  And I’m here to tell you, as part of your spring cleaning, you gotta get rid of that stuff.  I mean what is the point?  Why should you have to dig through piles of clothes that DON’T fit to get to stuff that does?  Why should you have to step over a visual index of your body dissatisfaction before you can even get dressed in the morning?  Just get RID of it.  If you can’t bring yourself to throw these clothes away, at least box them up and put them somewhere else.  Then, after you haven’t worn them for six months, then get rid of them.  Dole them out to friends.  Donate them to the Big Fat Flea Market.  Drop them off at Goodwill.  Because it’s time focus less energy on the body you think you might have some day and dedicate closet space to beautiful, gorgeous and colorful clothing to the body you have now.


The Fat Chick


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  • I just put a bunch of clothes in a big bag for donation on Saturday. It felt good, actually. I worry a bit because I donated larger clothes that I wish I had back now that I’m that size again, but really, hoping I’ll fit into the smaller clothes again some day just depresses me. It’s good to have clothes that fit in the closet.

  • I think if you have the room/space, keep the clothes…. unless they are clothes you wouldn’t wear even if you WERE that size. I’ve regretted getting rid of certain sizes over the years. I will admit to getting rid of outlier sizes that are not humanely possible for me to be at (at both sizes of the spectrum.)

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