I’m  up early this morning as usual, and I’m reminded why I like mornings so much.  At this time of the day, everything is fresh and everything is new.  No matter how badly I screwed up yesterday, that day has come and gone and today is a day to start fresh.  What can I start today?  What tiny thing can I do to make my life better?  
Sometimes, especially when it comes to exercise, It’s awfully hard to start fresh.  We wonder, what will make this time any different than the  last ten times I tried to exercise?  Well for one thing, YOU’RE different.  Apparently about 98 percent of the atoms in our  bodies are replaced yearly.  That means every year. you are literally a whole new you.  So as difficult as it is to remain optimistic in the face of all the times you’ve exercised before, it helps to remember that the person who slept until noon on Saturday instead of showing up for dance class, and the person who seriously thought about buying a treadmill so the dog could walk himself was a different person.
So, how about getting up off your desk chair and taking the new you out for a walk today?  As Dr. Horrible says, “It’s a brand new day.” (He doesn’t say it very nicely, but is name is Dr. Horrible after all.)
The Fat Chick
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