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In all of this week’s talking about helping one another, I found myself humming 2 different songs by The Beatles.  “I get by with a little help from my friends”  and “Help!” (see above).  Now you can’t even believe how much cyberspace is committed to arguing about how big or small these guys are.  I’ve seen people actually trying to compute the heights of various Beetles, by analyzing the number of bricks in a building standing next to them and doing advanced algorithmic equations based on the known heights of various amps and musical instruments.  All I can say is, some folks just got too much time on their hands.  (Warning: seriously scary time warp on the previous link…)

Anyways, here are the (not undisputed) stats:

Paul: 5′, 9.5″, 158 lbs.

John: 5′.8″ (Boot size, US Size 9, Waist 29″, Inseam (for white suit) 31″)  159 lbs.

George: 5′, 8″, 142 lbs.

Ringo: 5′, 6″, 136 lbs.

Total weight (at time of calculation) 626 lbs.

Conclusion: When last measured, The Beatles weighed more than me.

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