Okay, I think it’s safe to say that pretty much any helicopter weighs more than me.  But there are helicopters, my friend, and there are HELICOPTERS.  I mean just look at that thing.  It’s so big that a regular helicopter nestles like a tiny baby upon it’s ginormous wing.  We’re talking HUGE.

The giant flying machine pictured above is actually an Aeroflot Mil V-12 (also known to NATO as a HOMER).  It is the largest helicopter that has ever been built.  It never went into full scale production and only two prototypes were ever built.  The large aircraft was built specifically to carry major missile components and was designed to carry a payload of 30,000 kg. (That’s 66138lb 10.944oz to us English System folks.)

The initial prototype took it’s maiden voyage on July 10, 1968.  It achieved a world record, lifting 44,205 kg to a height of 2,255m (7,398 feet).  Here’s the stats:

Crew: 6

Height: 12.50 m (41 ft 0 in)

Length: 37.00 m (121 ft 4 in)

Loaded weight: 97,000 kg (213,850 lb)

Maximum takeoff weight: 105,000 kg (231,500 lb)

Conclusion: I don’t think you’d need to lift the armrests to ride in this baby, and the Mil V-12 weighs more than me.





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