Towering seventeen stories above the Russian city of Volgograd (formerly known as Stalingrad), this statue (known as “The Motherland Calls”) stands as a “striking combination of neoclassical styling and Stalinist kitsch”.  I know we’ve seen some big statues here on this blog, but this gal is truly heroic.  I mean, look carefully at the picture above.  See those two little dots just to the right of her toe.  Those are PEOPLE!  Honest to gosh, full-sized people.  Made to represent the Soviet victory over Nazi invaders, this chick is no pushover:

Height: (from plinth to top of the figure’s head) 170 feet
Height: (from plinth to top of the sword) nearly 300 feet
Length of each of the two shawl pieces: longer than 18 wheel semi truck
Weight: Over 8,000 tons

Conclusion, this girl is not afraid to be seen and she definitely weighs more than me.

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