Just waiting and ready to be filled with some awesome friends.

Ahhh, thought I’d round out The Fat Chick’s Perspiration Inspiration week with a nice relaxing sauna, like this one. You can get this beautiful 6-person sauna in teak delivered to your home but be prepared for a hefty shipping bill because this bad boy is heavy.  Even without six of your best friends towel-wrapped and lounging inside this thing weighs quite a lot.  Here, my dear little chicklettes, are the specs:

Width: 85.6″

Depth: 70.6″

Height: 76.6″

Capacity: 4-6 people (depending on how friendly you’re feeling)

Weight: 1310 lbs.

Conclusion: Even devoid of awesomely pink, fluffy, towel-wrapped steam bathers, this Teak Sauna weighs more than me.

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