tubIf you are a major bath lover and I am a MAJOR bath lover, you know that antique, claw footed tubs totally rock for long happy soaks.  You also know that these cast iron beauties are heavy–especially when full of water.  You don’t want to put one of these into a bathroom without a reinforced floor!  But they are totally worth the hassle.  Because as far as I am concerned, taking a bath is one of life’s great joys.

My bathtub is a total immersion thinking device.  Seriously, there is something about the warm water and the bubbles that allows my brain to relax.  I have seriously considered adding a “tub time” line item to client invoices, because I get a lot of my very best thinking done in there.

But an antique claw foot tub is not something to be taken lightly.  Getting one of those bad boys up to a second story bathroom is a major, storming-the-Alamo-level undertaking.  Here’s the stats:

Length: 3-5 ft.

Width: 30″

Height: 24″

Capacity: 40-60 gallons

Water Weight: 300-500 lbs.

Tub Weight: 300-400 lbs.

Total Filled Tub Weight: 600-900 lbs.

Conclusion: A claw foot tub filled with warm water and bubbles (of course) weighs more than me.

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