I had a friend say to me that she feels as big as an asteroid.  To which I responded, “That’s not likely, in fact I’m going to do a little research.”  Turns I was right.  Asteroids can range in size from a few meters across to hundreds of meters across.  Especially large asteroids are often referred to as planetoids.  Ceres (pictured above) is the largest known (and first discovered) asteroid.

Ceres is BIG.  Almost 1,000 kilometers in diameter (about the distance between Washington D.C. and Chicago).  The best thing about Ceres is that if you visited there, you’d weigh almost nothing at all!  Moi personally would weigh about 6 pounds on that august body.  Yay Ceres.  So here’s the stats for Ceres, the largest asteroid:

Diameter: approximately 950 kilometers (equatorial diameter 974.6 +/- 3.6, polar diameter 909.4 +/- 3.2 kilometers) (about 1/13 or 7.5% of Earth)
Mass: 9.43 x 10^20 kilograms (0.016% of Earth)
Bulk density: 2.10 grams per cubic centimeter (less dense than rock, more dense than ice, WAY more dense than people…)

Conclusion: An asteroid weighs WAY more than me.
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