I’m sure you could guess that a whale weighs more than me.  I mean whales are BIG.  I mean REALLY big.  But what you might not know is that the whale is the big mouth of the sea.  Seriously.  Whales need big mouths to eat their very big dinners.  During the high feeding season, a whale will consume 4-6 tons of teeny tiny krill per day.  In order to do so, their throats expand to take in as much as 50 tons of water in one gulp!

The blue whale is also the loudest creature on earth.  Blue whale song can reach 188 decibels.  For comparison’s sake, a jet engine on takeoff is about 140 decibels and the human pain threshold is 120 decibels.   Luckily the whale’s song doesn’t hurt the ears of other underwater animals who have ears that can tolerate such high amplitude. The song of a blue whale can be heard up to 500 miles away.

And then we have the blue whale’s tongue.  This thing is massive y’all.  Here’s the stats:

Estimated length: 19 ft.

Estimated area: Large enough for 50 people to stand upon it.

Estimated Weight: About 4 tons

Conclusion: A whale’s tongue weighs more than me.


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