As I was writing my post about “waving at Saturn” yesterday, I had a realization.  “Hey,” I thought, “I’ll bet that Cassini Spacecraft taking photos from Saturn weighs more than me.”

So I started investigating.  Despite the fact that it is expensive to launch stuff into space, Cassini is pretty big.  It is bristling with lots of scientific instruments designed to function like our human senses to detect stuff in space.  Ready?  Here’s the stats:

Stabilization: 3 axis-stabilized spacecraft utilizing both thrusters and reaction wheels to stay at the right angle and on course.

Launch Vehicle: Titan IV-B/Centaur

Satellite of: Saturn

Planets flown by: Venus, Moon, Earth, Masursky, Jupiter, Saturn’s moons

Weight (Mass): 2,523 kg (5,560 lb)

Conclusion: The Cassini Spacecraft weighs more than me.


The Fat Chick

P.S. The images are starting to come in from Friday’s photo shoot and they are stunning.  Here’s a sample to wet your whistle:

That little white arrow is pointing to the Earth.

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