Well there are foundlings and then again, there are foundlings.  Chili, a black and white Fresian bull was found running around on the doorstep of the Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Ferne, Somerset when he was just 6 days old.  Over time, Chili’s new owners noticed that he was growing larger and faster than the other bulls.  Nomi Clarke, Manager of the Ferne Animal Sanctuary noted that Chili doesn’t eat as much as the other cows but has grown much larger than them.  She also described the bull as “abnormally friendly and gentle.”

Height: 6 ft., 6 in.

Age: 13 years

Diet: Vegetarian including Grass and the occasional swede (In the case the swede does not refer to a person of Swedish descent, but rather the UK name for a rutabaga.)

Weight 1.25 tons

Conclusion: Chili, the world’s biggest bovine, weighs more than me.

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