During the elebenty hours I spent at O’Hare Airport today, I did have the fortune to run into at least one thing that weighs more than me. 


As you can see from the plaque (that also serves as a unique format for a “selfie”) this is an F4F-3 Wildcat.  This single seat, fighter flew during WWII and was later used primarily for training missions.  It also served as blog fodder and consolation prize for having spent nearly 2 lifetimes at the airport today. 

And here’s the specs:

Length: 28 ft. 9 in.

Height: 9 ft.  2 in.

Wingspan 38 ft.

Weight Empty: 5342 lbs.

Gross Weight with Fuel/Ammo 7002 lbs.

Max Weight: 8,152 lbs.

Conclusion: This WWII fighter plane weighs more (and has been at the airport slightly longer) than me. 


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