FOLAR-flyer-color-print_no-DAY-726x1024It’s what you call a win-win situation.  You and 3,000 other people gather a big pile of debris (that weighs more than me) and you get to help clean up the river areas in Los Angeles County!

Every year (for the past 24 years) the Friends of the Los Angeles River have coordinated a huge 1-day event known as The Great LA River Cleanup or La Gran Limpieza.  This year’s event featured live music, free gifts, raffle prizes and refreshments.  The volunteers also had a chance to compare “river treasures” to see who had the wildest or strangest items pulled from the river.  Previous highlights included a mini trampoline and a valuable buffalo nickel complete with collecting case.

But aside from the fun and hijinks, the volunteers remove an astonishing amount of detritus, and make the river areas just that much more awesome.  Plus, in case you are wondering, this day’s exercise could definitely be called “fitlanthropy“.  Here’s the stats:

Collection Period: 3 hours

Volunteers: Over 3,000

Number of collection sites: 15

Total debris removed from the river: Over 25 tons

Conclusion: The Haul from La Gran Limpieza weighs more than me!


The Fat Chick

P.S. Want to volunteer next year?  Click here to learn more about the Friends of the Los Angeles River!

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