Jeanette at the Kennedy Space Center

I’m back baby with stuff that weighs more than me.  Sometimes when I feel like the heaviest thing on the planet, I feel the need for a little perspective.  That’s when I take time to recognize that there are definitely things on the planet (and sometimes off the planet) that weigh more than me.  And I just couldn’t resist this moment to talk about Jeff Bezos’ New Shepard Rocket which looks like a, well, never mind.  Anyways, Jeff wants you to know it’s big.  I mean REALLY big.


Height 49 ft. (15.00 meters)

Diameter 22.90 ft. (7.00 meters)

Weight (unfueled) 43,346 pounds (20,569 kg)

Gross mass 165,000 pounds (75,000 kg)

Conclusion: Full or empty, the New Shepard Rocket weighs more than me.