Yes ladies and gentleman.  Apparently pigeons can make some pretty big piles of poo.  In fact the above gas station awning collapsed under the sheer weight of, wait for it, bird poop.  However nobody was hurt and it DID collapse on top of a BMW and Hummer (so it wasn’t ALL bad)

Apparently avian doo doo is a big deal.  Professional companies are called out to solve this, um pressing problem.

Some Interesting Stats:
Average times a pigeon poos per day: 47-51
Average weight of poo produced by a pigeon per year: 25 lbs.
Number of pigeons found congregating on an average 25′ x 25′ gas station awning: 60-100
Weight of pigeon poo removed in a major awning cleanup: 10 tons

1.  Given the fact that I am not employed counting or weighing daily pigeon defecation I do NOT have the “worst job in the world”
2.  Pigeons poo a LOT
3.  The pigeon poo on your average gas station roof, weighs more than me.

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