No, I’m not talking about the little girl with the pink prairie hat.  I’m talking shortcake baby, I mean a big one.  Specifically, the world’s largest strawberry cake.

Apparently in 2005, the largest fruit shortcake ever was baked in La Trinidad.  This sweet, strawberry behemoth apparently fed 42,080 people at the town’s 4th annual Strawberry Cake Festival in the Philippines.  Here’s the stats:

Shape: Giant Strawberry
Height: 8 ft.
Length: 12 ft.
Width: 9 ft.
Ingredients:  1082.5 pounds of butter, 2128.5 pounds of strawberry preserves and 5170 pounds of strawberries.

Total weight: 21,120 lbs.

Conclusion: The world’s largest shortcake weighs more than me.

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