Okay, the whole Maura Kelly blog kiss kerfluffle finally got me off my (proverbial) butt and back to blogging.  And what else should I blog about but the world’s largest (solid chocolate) kiss.  This bad boy, created by Hershey for the 100th anniversary of the Hershey’s Kiss was awarded the World Record. 

It took 152 people 9 days to construct it.  Check out the video HERE.

This is one seriously BIG FAT KISS.  Check out the stats:

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Height: 12 feet
Width: 10.5 feet wide at the base 
Covered in: 16,460 feet of foil. 
Weight:  30,540 pounds*
Conclusion:  The world’s biggest chocolate kiss weighs more than me.
Interested in hearing more about the whole kiss controversy?  Click HERE to learn more on Fat Chick Sings.
* It would have taken 2,901,3000 regular kisses to make the world’s biggest kiss.

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