Don’t let my friendly picture with Buddy the baby T-Rex and my friend James at the recent PGA screening at the Egyptian fool you.  A full grown tyrannosaurus rex was a truly gigantic creature.  The footprints alone were over 1.55 feet long (although the feet were much longer–closer to 3.3 feet since t-rexes apparently twinkled around on their tippy toes.).  And the T-rex’s skull was an astonishing 5 feet long.  Here’s the rest of the stats:

Height: 15-20 ft.
Length: Up to 40 ft.
Stride length: 15-20 ft.
Weight: 4-8 tons

Conclusions: A) I don’t want to meet a real one of these things in the flesh, ever.  B) An adult T-rex weighs more than me.

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