If you have a big craving for tea, here you go!
If you have a big craving for tea, here you go!

If you’re having a craving for tea, I’ve got just the thing!  If you go to the corner of Court and Tremont Streets in Boston and look up, you’re likely to see this huge teapot steaming away.  Built by Hicks & Badger in 1873, this giant kettle has been a Boston tourist attraction for many years. The teapot has an apparatus inside that makes it “steam” year round.  Locals say the steam is much more pronounced in the colder months.

The “Big Teapot” is perhaps best known for its part in a major publicity stunt held in 1875, when a contest was held to guess the exact capacity of the giant kettle.  Over 13,000 guesses were submitted and more than 10,000 spectators filled the square on the day the capacity of the kettle was measured.  It took over an hour for Boston’s Sealer of Weights and Measures to fill the kettle and learn exactly how much it would hold.  At 1:05 the total was announced: 227 gallons, 2 quarts, 1 pint and 3 gills.

We don’t know the actual weight of the teapot itself, so I’m just going to calculate the weight of the tea that would fit in the pot:

227 gallons=1890.91 pounds

2 quarts= 4.165 pounds

1 pint=1.04375 pounds (at room temperature and sea level)

3 gills (each of which is about 5 oz.)= 0.978 pounds (at room temperature and sea level)

For a grand total of 1897.09675 lbs.

Conclusion: This pot of tea weighs more than me.


The Fat Chick

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